Walking is the most basic form of exercise and easy to do. It helps to lose fat on your whole body not only on stomach.

A person who walks at a constant pace for less than an hour say, 30 minutes “but not exceed to 1 hour” can burn enough calories in his/her body as well as build muscle thus speeding up their metabolism. You may get hurt if you walk for prolonged duration without proper breaks.

So watch your steps.They are Walking to Lose Stomach Fat...

Walking can exercise not only your legs or stomach but also your lungs and diaphragm.

When you walk at a constant speed and pace, you inhale and exhale – while doing it causing your lungs to get used to that kind of breathing exercise.

Watch the below walking tips from an Olympic Coach:

Let’s move now to different kinds of walking that can be very helpful if you love walking to reduce your stomach fat.

Walking can be very helpful in your breathing as well as in your body to build muscle (+ burns fat) in legs and thighs especially in your stomach since you are actually “twisting stomach unconsciously while walking”.

  • In addition to that, when you walk in an inclined road you are actually taking walking to a whole new different level since walking upwards can be very hard since gravity is pulling you down. You can quickly lose your stomach fat.

You can also walk with your TreadMill, most of the TreadMill’s will have the inclined option. Watch the below advice from an International Personal Trainer.

With this, it can help you develop a new breathing exercise and again you are unconsciously bending your body making your stomach do a little bit of exercise on its own while walking. When you walk on such inclined roads, make sure you are not over breathing – stay clam, give a break and continue your walk again.

Don’t put yourself stressed, it badly affects your health.

Now, you see how walking can help ones health, lifestyle as well as to lose stomach fat. It also helps you develop your awareness, “stamina” and body movement.

When you start your day with a brisk walk, you will gain high energy through out the day. It helps to stay active in your day work as well as to take care of your family well. Definitely, you can feel the difference.

So try it out, try walking at least 30-45 minutes every day.

  • You can do this by walking your way home, if work is not that far from your residence.
  • Or walk every night after dinner but be sure to rest a few minutes first before walking to avoid appendicitis.

You can also combine short workouts along with your walking. Like taking a short break and do simple workouts and then you can continue walking again. This way, you can boost your body to burn more fat and to see quick results. You may feel tired during the beginning days however, once after a week you will be comfortable in doing works outs between walking.

Outdoor walking is always good, if you are not able to go out then you can walk on your TreadMill or just walk inside your home. In case, if you are walking inside your home, you can keep the window opens to ensure that fresh air comes to you.  Otherwise, just go out of your home, you can also see how many people are walking around in the morning, you will be surprised to see.

Watch the below video to understand, what kind of workouts you can do along with walking that helps to lose stomach fat.

Try it out, it’s fun and healthy. During the first 2 or 3 days, you may feel highly energetic and most people won’t continue after a week mainly because of dizziness. So bring yourself the interest-to-walk and to reduce your stomach fat, when you do it with love you will definitely continue walking every day. In general, any thing you do for 2 weeks becomes your habit, so practice walking continuously for 2 weeks it becomes part of your life.

Note: if you have any breathing problems better consult your doctor before you do walking exercise. Understand your health and body condition, based on that you can put effort to reduce your stomach fat. Follow your doctor’s advice.